The power of intuition!

My biggest intuitive moment was sometime between the age 10 or 12. It was one of those days with scathing lonliness and a mind full of fearful thoughts. Suddenly it appeared to me, my intuition, like a voice, a clear unmistakable voice, saying: ”To get out of your missery you need to seek to become conscious.” And this is how my conscious spiritual journey began. In this short but powerful intuitive moment in my bedroom.

I have layers and layers of old programming that, in the years to come, unfolded itself right in front of my eyes. Somtimes it unfolded itself  from the insid brining me into deep and dark rooms in me. It was scary, but I see now that it is all a part of peeling the layers of the onion, reomoving the layers that brings you back to life. That brings you back to the inocent seed you once were.


After my first intuitive moment, that I can remember, it has been far between this intuitive moments. My inner guidance appeard only when my life was in danger. I can´t help but wonder why. I don´t seem to have the trust I need to follow my intutive guidance all day every day. IT SEEMS like this to my rational mind, but it turns out my intuition has led me all along. Still this first time has defined my life path. Years after this defining moment I came home when I found Kundalini Yoga – yoga of consciousness.

For the past 6 months I have done a meditation called ”Meditations for intution and opportuity.” I realize that I still identify myself with pain, lack and fear. Its a fine line to move out of this identifiction to dare to live in my power, in my own light, rahter than in the darkness.

Universe has given me an opportunity to do it all over again, in a more conscious way. I was afraid I wouldn´t have enought money to pay my way in life. Universe gave me the gift of loosing my home, increasing my dept and removing work opportunites over the course of just one month.

All my fears have manifested – just like that. My intuition led me to this point to show me that I need to focus on my power and light. I need to surrender and trust.  I know how, and now have to do the how. Another defining moment in my life. This time I am more awake, I am more ready, I have more tools to deal with life and now I dare to see my worth.


Never underestimate the power of intuition, and it does not necessarily mean ”gold and big castles” at first – it means that you will be guided onto the right path for you. And some of the time you are guided into your darkest vallys to really know you light, power and worth.




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